HCQS Commitments

Staff and Client Commitment

Our staff gain experience in a unique variety of assignments in many sectors, working under different forms of contract. Staff will also gain the opportunity to work using different development techniques and management strategies, all of which helps to create fully rounded commercial and contractual staff, benefitting both staff and clients.

There is an opportunity for staff to develop, mentor and manage within the HCQS structure, which helps to maintain happy and committed staff. This in turn helps to provides a sustainable business model where our staff have a clear career path along with the relevant support to achieve their goals. This commitment to our staff helps to maintain consistency and to support our clients’ requirements.

The provision of a fully managed service helps to reassure clients and staff.

Core Values

HCQS vision and values are built upon the company belief that providing a quality service through a valued, happy and committed workforce will support in our ambition to achieve client satisfaction. These values have remained key to providing a successful and sustainable business since 1989.

Commitment to Training and Development

At HCQS we support staff aspirations to develop their knowledge and understanding of new subjects, whilst enhancing their knowledge of previously mastered subjects. Staff are offered formal and informal training and mentoring, typically through the following methods:

Carbon Reduction Commitment

In 2021 HCQS commenced a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions prior to the government’s target of 2050.

To enable us to plan and monitor our progress, we employ a climate consultant who uses appropriate government emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting. To create a measureable carbon reduction plan, first we established a baseline of current carbon emissions using data from; scope 1 (direct), scope 2 (indirect) and scope 3 (other) emissions. In 2021 we then produced a carbon reduction plan.

The carbon reduction plan has been completed in accordance with PPN 06/21 and associated guidance and reporting standard for carbon reduction plan.
We are pleased to announce in 2021 HCQS produced 93% less emissions of CO2e than the benchmark! Whilst this is a good start we are striving to achieve carbon neutral at the earliest date possible.

From the initial data we have planned achievable year-by-year reduction targets, with the support of established carbon reduction initiatives. We believe that these targets can be achieved, and are confident these targets can be further improved to help us achieve Net Zero well before 2050.

Fundraising and Charity Contribution

HCQS have a long history in supporting charities close to the hearts of the people that are connected to the business, raising awareness and crucial funds for the important work they do. We encourage our staff to support our chosen charities through participation in fund raising events, and also support our staff’s own fundraising campaigns.
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