Legal Support Services

Objectives, approach and philosophy

HCQS Legal Support Services objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Understanding our clients’ businesses – in terms of the contractual, technical and operational issues
  • Providing solutions that are auditable, robust and able to withstand scrutiny
  • Applying our collective knowledge and experience gained from other sectors of industry
  • Carefully considering and applying appropriate commercial and contractual measures such as claim strategy, risk management and dispute avoidance.
  • Implementing procedures to identify and capture entitlements
  • Adopting appropriate measures to avoid confrontation when presenting our results (e.g. negotiations with key clients)
  • Achieving transparency with clients whilst maintaining each client’s commercial and legal confidentiality

Expert Services

HCQS professionals are regularly appointed to provide independent quantum and technical analysis in connection with construction disputes, including formal expert witness appointments and support to ADR procedures including mediation and dispute review boards.

Arbitration and litigation support can also be provided in terms of assisting with the disclosure process, advising on specific evidence requirements and financial risk analysis.

Dispute Management and Resolution

HCQS recognises that clients benefit from avoiding disputes and we always seek to secure the most economically beneficial resolution of any contentious issues that may arise.

HCQS also appreciates however, that clients are often required to make or defend formal submissions in order to protect their rights. HCQS’ experience of construction contracts and dispute resolution procedures allows it to effectively advise its clients on the most suitable method of resolving their disputes.

HCQS team members are trained and experienced in deciding disputes as Adjudicator and providing direct assistance with Conciliation and Mediation.


HCQS provides bespoke in house training in relation to a wide range of contractual and commercial matters.

Training is usually delivered in a workshop format that facilitates learning through interaction in order to ultimately improve performance. Comprehensive notes and handout material is provided as required.

Construction Contracts

HCQS is a multi-discipline construction consultancy that offers a versatile and comprehensive portfolio of services to the UK Construction Industry. HCQS’ Legal Support Specialists provide reliable advice and support in relation to contractual matters affecting construction contracts.

HCQS regularly reviews contract terms and conditions on behalf of its clients in order to identify areas of risk and opportunity.

HCQS is also experienced at drafting bespoke conditions of contract aimed at protecting each client’s commercial and contractual interest.

Contract Claims

HCQS’ legal support consultants are all experienced in the preparation of claims for extensions of time; loss and/or expense; damages; disruption, and; variations.

HCQS also regularly assesses and defends claims made against its clients and is skilled in the art of claims negotiation.

Many contracts impose strict procedural requirements upon the parties which must be met if compensation is to be successfully claimed, or if speculative claims are to be successfully defended. HCQS’ understanding of contractual mechanisms enables it to manage its clients’ compliance with required procedures in order to safeguard their rights.

Adjudication Services

HCQS can provide full and reliable services in connection with this popular form of dispute resolution, including management of the process, Referral or Response preparation, advocacy, dealing with jurisdictional issues and expert support.

Planning/ Programming

The key to the timely success of any Project is effective Programming and Planning.

HCQS Legal Support are able to provide an extensive in house Programming and Planning Service provided by experienced practitioners who have worked with most Industry recognized Industry Planning and Programming software including Primavera, Asta Power Project and Windows Project.

As a result, we are able to provide our Clients with all the latest Software applications to assist with effective Project Management, Programming and Extension of Time substantiation including forensic analysis and prospective methods.

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