Building Services Quantity Surveying

Objectives, approach and philosophy

As one of the largest consultancies of its kind, HCQS provides a unique, nationwide, pre and post contract commercial service for all types of mechanical and electrical engineering installations, that focuses on minimising risk and maximising return for our clients.

HCQS provides a cost effective, fully managed service that has the benefit not only of the knowledge of our excellent staff, but also the back up of our highly experienced management team, which is always there to support and assist when it really matters.

We have extensive knowledge of the construction process and many years experience of managing the commercial and contractual aspects of the engineering services on behalf of contracting and client organisations alike. With a variety of private and public sector clients in health, education, defence, commercial, industrial, IT and transport our in-depth experience of engineering services has proved invaluable to our clients.

Pre Contract

HCQS has vast experience collated over a number of years of M&E cost planning, estimating, material take off and the production of Bills of Quantities.

Tender Review, Contract Analysis, and preparation of Contract Documents can be undertaken by professionals experienced in both Quantity Surveying and Legal Support.

HCQS can provide M&E specific Risk Analysis. This analysis can be based upon Client specific formats if so required.

Building Services Market Testing can be carried out using HCQS’s extensive M&E specific market experience.


M&E subcontractor Account Management can be undertaken by our experienced Building Services QS’s. This service is currently provided to Building Contractors, M&E Subcontractors, end user Clients and Management Contractors alike.

Risk Management of subcontract accounts can be executed either as part of an ongoing project brief, or as an independent exercise to give cost certainty.

Contractual Management can be provided on an ongoing basis as part of a project brief and Defence of Claims can be undertaken should the need arise.

Post Contract

Procurement and Supply Chain Management services are provided generally as part of a project brief, usually undertaken in conjunction with the rest of the project team.

Interim Applications/Valuations and the agreement of such are an integral part of what HCQS provides, and Cash Flow Forecasting services can also be undertaken should the Client require it.

Variation Pricing, negotiation and Final Account agreement are routinely carried out by HCQS, who can provide this service either on a day rate basis, or as a lump sum to be dependent upon the value of variations costed.

Cost and Value Reports can be produced by HCQS, usually in conjunction with the project team. This service can be based upon Client specific formats if so required.

Contractual Notices and Correspondence are generally produced by HCQS staff who are fully conversant with all types of standard contract documentation, and are also fully able to work on non standard forms.

General Services

Commercial Advice can be provided at any level, by our highly experienced and flexible management team.

Our services can take the form of Temporary Assistance to supplement a temporary short term shortfall of resource, or Full Time Assistance to manage a project through form start to finish.

HCQS are proud to offer a Managed and Flexible Service, tailored to our Clients varying needs.

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