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In the digital era of construction, where the key part of the process involves a digital model, we embrace the technology, process, skills and people to offer the best services for your project.


  • Model authoring and creation including input from laser scan survey, individual element objects to a large and complex building scheme.
  • Embedded information, additional information within the model for element tagging, identification as well as COBie input and handover purposes.
  • Working in various model formats i.e. IFC, RVT, PLN, SKP etc.


  • Construction scheduling demonstrates the construction activities virtually. It shows construction programme simulation which can be used to analyse project efficiency in timely manner. This will help client and project manager understand the construction programme better, so that they can optimize and plan activities more efficiently.


  • Bill of Quantity and Cost Planning
    Accuracy is the key. Using the 3D model, it gives the true representation of the design. It also keeps the shapes, sizes and dimensions. With our cost modelling, quantity take-off is done by taking off quantity from the model elements itself. Therefore with this process, it minimises the issue on wrong scaling and line thickness as it happens with traditional take off measurement.Clash detection can be identified easily. Since the quantification process is requiring a model to be combined and federated, we can identify the clash between the design information. This will reduce the contract variation in the post contract environment.

    Transparency is also a benefit using the cost model. The link will hold the correlation between the cost item and the model element. This improves the traceability of the take-off item, so that viewing of what has been allowed in certain elements can be done easier and quicker.

  • Value Engineering
    Flexibility in the process has definitely helped the value engineering exercise. Using the model quantification, it offers a better, quicker and easier process on the value engineering exercise. The model element can be changed, altered and revised to suit design criteria, whilst the element links will help us revise and update the cost model in a much faster way.
  • Optioneering
    Comparability of the cost model has become easier. The quantity and the cost associated to the cost model can be easily represented during the comparison. It can be visualised and analysed to help client and the project team make decision on the option to go for.


Visualisation, animation and CGIs are often used for bid enhancement. The output of our service will help enhance the bid requirement and boost the confidence within the bid. It is more than just ‘pretty pictures’, it helps to explain the method

ology and understanding of the bidder about the tendered project.Virtual design construction provides clarity on the construction process. We can provide visualisation, series of images and animation showing construction strategy and methodology. This can also include site layout, site logistics and sequences.

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